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The Shocker "Up Your Ass Tray "The Full Length"

Supergroup L7's own Jennifer Finch formed THE SHOCKER back in 2002 to play a party in an old store front on East Sunset Blvd. (the least talked about side of Sunset Blvd.) with friends from the neighborhood. To keep a long story short: the party never really stopped. In 2005, Los Angeles is still a town full of earthquakes and rattlesnakes, riots and Hollywood diets, but this has not made THE SHOCKER lose their sense of humor or soften their ability to deliver aggressive new rock. Los Angeles comforts them like a veil of sweet chaos, as they sweep in and out of town, tour after tour. After European and US touring the band has finally finished their hottest attempt ever to conquer rock music again - "Up Your Ass Tray - The Full Length" (produced by Dean Menta (FAITH NO MORE and SPARKS). THE SHOCKER is not for the faint of heart.

Track Listing:

1. Cash In
2. Pop Narcotic
3. Bad Brian Good Head
4. Smoke Rings (Up Your Ass Tray)
5. My Life As A Plumber
6. Your Problem Now
7. Break In Two
8. Body Count
9. The Wind Beneath The Wings Of The Common House Fly
10. On A Scale Of 1 To 10, You're An Eight
11. Good Head Again