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Cougars "Pillow Talk"

And the hits keep coming! With the helping hand of legendary recording engineer Steve Albini, COUGARS have essentially captured the blaring intensity of their live performances on analog tape for their second full length album, Pillow Talk. A monster of an album featuring ten brand new tracks, it is a testament to COUGARS unwavering raucous instinct. It's an instinct that leads them not down a path of musical status quo, but rather to continue being merely what they know how to be, "a rock band making rock music." Indeed.

Track Listing:

1. Toxic Fox Syndrome
2. Scissitar
3. Who's Got The Sniff?
4. There's No "High" In Team
5. Someone Out There Has My Boner Picture
6. Mouth of Todd
7. Diagnosis: Snare Side Hearing Loss
8. Shitstorm
9. Ultimate Horseness
10. Delicate Whispers In Cahoots With Pillow Talk