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Teenage Bottlerocket "Freak Out!"

TBR has amassed an army of zealous devotees and is now ready to deliver their latest pop punk manifesto, "Freak Out!" Right out of the gate, the punch of the title track serves notice that the Bottlerocket guys aren't fucking around. From the hallmark breakneck down strumming and fleet rhythms on songs like "Headbanger," "In The Pit" and "Who Killed Sensei?" to the heavy throttling chorus on "Cruising For Chicks," "Freak Out!" never stops to take a breath. Add to this TBR's uncanny ability to craft mesmerizing melodies, highlighted by Kody's impossibly high harmonies, and what you have is a pop punk masterpiece. Often drawing comparisons to the legendary Ramones, Teenage Bottlerocket is certainly the modern flag bearers of the classic sound. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Freak Out!
2. Headbanger
3. Cruising For Chicks
4. Necrocomicon
5. Maverick
6. Done With Love
7. Punk House Of Horror
8. Never Gonna Tell You
9. In The Pit
10. Mutilate Me
11. Who Killed Sensei?
12. Radical
13. Summertime
14. Go With The Flow