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Result Of Choice "Discography"


Active from 2017-2020, Florida band Result Of Choice left a mark with their bouncy and brazen blend of hardcore. The release includes the band's 2017 EP, "Through My Eyes," 2019's "Place Of My Dreams," and "Greenwashed" from the "America's Hardcore" compilation, volume five. Result Of Choice also shares previously unreleased track "World In My Hands," driven by punchy riffs and lyrics about reclaiming your reality. Limited edition of 515 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Greenwashed
2. World In My Hands (previously unreleased)
3. Deceived
4. Strive
5. Result Of Choice
6. Brunt Of Time
7. Digital Age
8. Place Of My Dreams
9. Intro/Perspective
10. Status Seeker
11. Through My Eyes
12. Face Value
13. Light To The Shadow
14. Effort