Triple-B Records

Antagonize "Slip Death" $19.40
Anxious "New Shapes" $8.20
Be All End All "Object To Persona" $18.60
Be All End All "Pact Music" $13.00 $19.80
Big Cheese "Punishment Park" $19.40
Big Takeover "Madhouse" $12.00 $18.20
Black My Heart "Before The Devil" $21.80
Bracewar "Colossal" $8.20
Broken Vow "Anthropocene" from $8.75
Buried Alive "The Death Of Your Perfect World" $25.00
C4 "Chaos Streaks" $19.20
Candy "Good To Feel" $24.80
COA "Trauma Dump"
COA "Trauma Dump"
COA "Trauma Dump" $11.60
Colossus (NY) "s/t" $9.80
Criminal Instinct "Sweet Dreams" $6.60
Culture Abuse "Bay Dream"
Out of Stock
Dead Heat "Endless Torment" $22.40
Dead Heat "World At War" from $10.00
Dominant Force "Cosmic Denial" $13.00 $18.60
Downfall "Behind The Curtain" $23.00
Exhibition "The Last Laugh" $24.55
Faze "In Silence" $4.20
Fuming Mouth "Beyond The Tomb" $20.50
Fuming Mouth "The Grand Descent" $25.60
Fury "Paramount" $20.50
Gridiron "No Good At Goodbyes" from $10.50
Initiate "Lavender" $20.00
Killing Time "Brightside"
Killing Time "Brightside"
Killing Time "Brightside" $27.00
Koyo "Drives Out East: Deluxe Edition" $25.60
Life's Question "A Tale Of Sudden Love And Unforgettable Heartbreak" $9.80
Life's Question "World Full Of..." from $10.00 $23.00
Madball "Droppin' Many Suckers"
Madball "Droppin' Many Suckers"
Madball "Droppin' Many Suckers"
Out of Stock
Magnitude "Of Days Renewed..." from $10.00
Magnitude "To Whatever Fateful End"
Out of Stock
Masterpiece Machine "Rotting Fruit b/w Letting You In On A Secret" $18.50
Mindforce "Excalibur" $25.90
Mindforce "New Lords" from $10.00
Mindforce "Swingin' Swords Choppin' Lords"
Out of Stock
Move "Black Radical Love" from $10.00
Move "Freedom Dreams"
Out of Stock
Mutually Assured Destruction "Ascension" $24.20
Never Ending Game "Halo & Wings" $11.40
Never Ending Game "Just Another Day" $25.90
Never Ending Game "Outcry" $20.00 $25.60
No Pressure "s/t" from $9.80
Nosebleed "Outside Looking In" $8.20
Nudie Mag "Our Milk" $19.80
One Step Closer "From Me To You" $20.00 $25.60
Red Death "Formidable Darkness" from $8.20
Restraining Order "Locked In Time" from $10.00
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