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Red Death "Formidable Darkness"

When a band forms, as Red Death did in late 2013, primarily out of reverence for Corrosion Of Conformity - and especially when half the members hail from North Carolina - their second LP is bound to have a lot riding on it. Everything that made 2015's "Permanent Exile" LP and 2016's "Deterrence" EP modern classics has been amplified on the new album: the solos soar higher, the riffs penetrate deeper, the rhythm section pounds harder and with more precision, and the vocals are more unhinged. From their first practice in D.C. some four years ago, Red Death has been heirs to the proudest of traditions in the heavy-music underground, and with "Formidable Darkness," they've fulfilled their immense promise - just in time for the world's ignominious end. Now available on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Formidable Darkness
2. Usurped
3. Iron Willed
4. Archangel Void
5. Parasite's Paradise
6. Slashed To Bits
7. Vagabond (Wondering & Roving)
8. Restless Acts Of Madness