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Open Hand "You And Me"

The debut album from this Los Angeles rock band, obliterating the lines between indie rock, prog, and garage rock. Isham (singer/guitarist) and Pryor (drummer) spent the summer of 2004 recording at The Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, CO with producer (and former Shiner bassist) Paul Malinowski. The result: You And Me - a bombastic 14-track masterwork on which Open Hand cover more musical ground than most artists do in their entire careers.

Track Listing:

1. Pure Concentrated Evil
2. Her Song
3. Tough Girl
4. You And Me
5. Tough Guy
6. Jaded
7. The Ambush
8. Take No Action
9. Newspeak
10. Crooked Crown
11. The Kaleidoscope
12. Waiting For Katy
13. Trench Warfare
14. Hard Night