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Armsbendback "Waiting Room"

ArmsBendBack blasted onto the scene with the release of their 5 song CD "Even Though I'll Hurt You" in 202. These guys from Philadelphia are the best new band you haven't heard just yet, but you will now. Let's call them our little weapon, just poised to get out there and knock the socks off everyone that catches wind of them. Partly produced by Chad Taylor from +Live+ and recorded at Big Blue Meanie (Thursday, This Day Forward, Christiansen), this album is 12 songs of the catchiest, most brilliantly dynamic and emotional music to hit the scene in years. It's heavy at times, melodic, it's got singing and screaming, it's got it all. For fans of Glassjaw, The Juliana Theory, Thrice, and Finch.

Track Listing:

1. Countdown To The End Of The World
2. Primera (Last Goodbye)
3. Trading In The Silence
4. The Arms Of Automation
5. Terms And Conditions
6. Garry Gilmore's Eyes
7. Radial
8. Watermark
9. Dystopia
10. This Could Be
11. Red Ceiling
12. Apollo's Collapse