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Near Dark "Make Our Way Back"


"Make Our Way Back" is Near Dark's follow-up to the 2021 "Silver Lining" demo, featuring six new tracks. It's still reminiscent of a West Coast sounding Lifetime but brings in a wider range of influences ranging from Silent Majority to Knapsack. Near Dark features members of Set Your Goals, Maniac, Restraining Order, Wet Specimens, and many more. LP includes their "Silver Lining" demo as bonus tracks. Limited edition of 200 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Make Our Way Back
2. Blinders
3. 12 Steps
4. Cohoes Is Mine
5. Sobe
6. Poisoned At The Root
7. New Normal (demo) (bonus track)
8. Reckless (demo) (bonus track)
9. 40 Hour Work Week (demo) (bonus track)