Patient Zero Records

Allegation "Final Fool" $10.60
Bitter Truth "Perfect World" from $8.20
Bitter Truth "Reality Check" $9.80
Burning Strong "The Fire Rages On" $23.40
Burning Strong / Qualifier "Split" $10.80
Citizen X "God Is Dead" from $5.00
Concrete Ties "Unrecognizable" $23.45
Contact "Before And Through And Beyond All Time" $23.75
Counterpoint "Demo" $6.60
Crafter "Lasting Efforts" $19.40
Crafter "No Renaissance" $8.20
Dare To Be "Time Is The One Thing" $7.40
Dead Blow Hammer "Mantis Lover/Shorter Circuits" from $5.80
Dead Blow Hammer "No Repercussions?" $8.20
Direct Measure "s/t" $10.60
Discourage "Disaster Fatigue" from $8.35
Discourage "Forlorn Hope" $10.60
Fever Strike "Spin" $19.40
Four Walls Falling "Food For Worms + 3" $11.40
Four Walls Falling "s/t"
Out of Stock
Hundreds Of AU "Acting From Remote Satellites" $23.45
Iron Deficiency "Morning In The Burning House" $23.45
Iron Deficiency "Promo 2022" $5.80
Lead Dream "Mortal Vices" $21.00
Near Dark "Make Our Way Back" $23.40
RBNX "Nothing Here Is Yours" $21.60
Reckless Threat "Paradise End" $8.20
Safe "The First Season" $19.40
Silence Equals Death "End Times" $16.20
Silence Equals Death "I'll See You On The Other Side" $23.30
Sinking "Dweller In A Sanctuary" $8.20
Sinking "Misshapen World" $21.40
Sinking "Only Echoes" $20.20
Sinking "Petunia b/w Mystery" $6.60
The Take "Live For Tonight" $21.60
Time And Pressure / Discourage "Split" $9.80
V/A "Youth Crew 2022" $10.75
Your Disease "Desolation Zone" $19.80