Hot Water Music "A Flight And A Crash"

Visceral, intense, and simply unforgettable - "A Flight And A Crash" is a sonic exploration of the pain and triumph of life with an energy and emotion seldom heard. With some of the most intricate yet hard-driving rhythms the band has ever produced, this album pulls at your gut, head, and heart all at the same time. It's easy to see why Magnet magazine called them "the best punk band on the planet."

Track Listing:

1. A Flight And A Crash
2. Jack Of All Trades
3. Paper Thin
4. Instrumental
5. Swinger
6. A Clear Line
7. Choked And Separated
8. Old Rules
9. Sons And Daughters
10. Sunday Suit
11. She Takes It So Well
12. One More Time
13. In The Gray
14. Call It Trashing
15. So Many Days