Equal Vision Records


Dustin Kensrue "Please Come Home"

"It's rare that a singer/songwriter can credibly display dual sides of his musical personality - one who can quite thoroughly and convincingly operate in opposite realms of popular music. With "Please Come Home," Dustin Kensrue joins those elite musical ranks. If, at the moment, he is known primarily as the voice of Thrice - a respected, conscious underground sensation lauded for its virtuosity, power and creativity - "Please Come Home" stands to change all that. Indeed, with this batch of soul-searching acoustic songs, which range from the dark and philosophical to introspective and tender, Kensrue is likely to snare listeners more in tune with the work of Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Ryan Adams. Combining classic folk with earthy blues, melodic country and deep soul, Kensrue creates a unique aural landscape complementing his music versatility." - from the label.

Track Listing:

1. I Knew You Before
2. Pistol
3. I Believe
4. Please Come Home
5. Blood And Wine
6. Consider The Ravens
7. Weary Saints
8. Blanket Of Ghosts