Think Fast! Records


Outbreak "s/t"

Outbreak has opted to self-release this album through vocalist Ryan O'Connor's ever-growing Think Fast! Records. Adding to the dimension is new guitarist Billy Bean (No Trigger) who also shares vocal duties with O'Connor, a first since Outbreak's inception. For fans of Black Flag, Negative Approach and The Bronx. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. A Sign Of Things To Follow
2. Human Target
3. HL
4. Misdirected
5. Temporary Hype
6. In The Digital World
7. Analyze/Criticize
8. Multiple Personality Disorder
9. Sedate Me
10. (Work)ing Dead
11. Warning Signs
12. The Countdown Begins
13. Too Paranoid For Politics
14. Don't Want To Fade (To Death)
15. Concealed