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Ambitions "Question"
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Between The Wars "Death And The Sea" $6.00
Between The Wars "Less We Believe" $3.50
Blackened "This Means War" from $6.00
Expired Youth "Where We Stand" $3.50
Grave Maker "Bury Me At Sea" $6.00
Hour Of The Wolf / Lewd Acts "Split" $4.50
Ice Age "Dead Kings" $9.00
Miles Between Us "When It Counts" $3.50
No Harm Done "Escape" $6.00
No Turning Back "Take Control"
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Only Living Witness "Prone Mortal Form"
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Outbreak "s/t" $10.00
Reignition "The Epitome Of Free Will" $3.50
Smartbomb "Chaos And Lawlessness" $4.50
Smartbomb "Diamond Heist" $6.00
SnakeWay "Vortex Of Time" $8.00
Strapping Young Lad "Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing" $26.00
The Distance "If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Already" $3.50
The Killing Tree "The Romance Of Helen Trent"
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This Is Hell "Warbirds" $4.00
This Is Hell "Weight Of The World"
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V/A "10 Years Of Think Fast! Records" $11.00
Wait In Vain "Seasons" $6.00
Youth Attack "Don't Look Back" $3.50