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Zouo "Agony Remains"


Zouo's "Agony Remains" is a deluxe, remastered reissue featuring all of Zouo's recorded studio output (including the highly sought-after 1984 debut 7" "The Final Agony") and nine blistering, live songs. Originally formed by friends of a local skateboard crew in the early '80s, Zouo quickly became torchbearers for Japanese hardcore punk at the time. Zouo's debut, "The Final Agony" 7", remains a landmark release to this day - tracks such as "Sons Of Satan" and "Making Love With Devil" showcase some of the most raw and evil punk to ever emerge from the underground.

Track Listing:

1. Sons Of Satan
2. Making Love With Devil
3. No Power
4. Bloody Master
5. You Like It That Way
6. Frustration
7. Hate Children (live)
8. System Fuck Off (live)
9. Untitled (live)
10. Fuck The God (live)
11. Bloody Master (live)
12. Frustration (live)
13. Making Love With Devil (live)
14. You Like It That Way (live)
15. Out Of Order (live)