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Zero Boys "History Of"

From 1979 into 1983, the Indianapolis based Zero Boys were the finest hardcore blitz in the Midwest if not all the lower 48 states. Proof is "Vicious Circle" and the two decades since of copyists, bootleggers, practitioners and reunion concert pogoers. Though before and after that LP's 1982 release they recorded the "Livin' In The '80s" 7", songs for three comps and released the post-mortem "History Of..." cassette revealing their transformation into a toured band warming to the metaphysical and their demise while still waving torches of rock 'n' roll panache. Those tracks not on the "Vicious Circle" LP all appear on this collection. Vinyl version includes a coupon that for a limited time allows you to download MP3 audio files of the recordings.

Track Listing:

1. Drive In
2. Black Network News
3. Splish Splash
4. Inergy
5. Johnny Better Get
6. Dingy Bars Suck
7. Seen That Movie Before
8. High Places
9. Blood's Good
10. Human Body
11. Mom's Wallet
12. Positive Change
13. Amerika
14. New Generation
15. Livin' In The '80s
16. Stoned To Death
17. Stick To Your Guns
18. I'm Bored
19. Piece Of Me