Havoc Records


Wolfbrigade "Progression/Regression"


Wolfbrigade plays heavy, Swedish crustcore and is frequently compared to Skistystem. A few layers below the brutal crust assault is an underlying Motorhead sort of groove that gives the music a certain gritty drive. Unlike a lot of crusty hardcore records, each song on this 2002 release really stands out (as opposed to blurring together) and some display a more punk or metal influence to the same tried and true, Swedish HC formula. Now available again on vinyl with updated cover artwork.

Track Listing:

1. This Is Life
2. EU
3. My Escape
4. Chemical Straight Jacket
5. Gasping For A Breath
6. The Life Cycle Will Turn 1
7. The Life Cycle Will Turn 2
8. Archetype Of Society
9. Feelings You Don't Want To Feel
10. Crucify
11. Valfardsland
12. Makes Me Choke
13. Ugly Stains
14. Mind Unleashed
15. Media Sight