Revelation Records


Will Haven "WHVN"

WHVN is the long awaited, follow-up full length recorded and produced by Eric Stenman (also responsible for el Diablo) at Enharmonik Studios and mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Testament, Earth Crisis) at Backstage Studios. WHVN is a sonic pummeling of metal-hardcore-noise that rivals virtually any other album out now that dares to call itself "heavy". Make no mistake, Will Haven has broken new ground with this record.The music that Will Haven creates is a whole new breed of power, heaviness, and purity that must be heard to be understood. Will Haven's lyrics are passionate, emotional and rival that of any band in any genre.

Track Listing:

1. Fresno
2. If She Could Speak
3. Jaworski
4. Slopez
5. End Summary
6. Subtitles
7. Genesis 11
8. Dallass Drake
9. Death Do Us Part
10. Muse
11. Miguel Abburido
12. I've Seen My Fate (appliance Remix)
13. Sign Off