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Unrestrained / Incendiary "Split"

This split 7" brings together two heavyweights of modern hardcore. Long Island, NY's Incendiary follow up their 7", LP, and split 7" with Suburban Scum with two brand new songs of powerful, political hardcore, mixing together elements of many '90s hardcore icons such as Indecision and Turmoil and 108 but adding a modern twist. Portland, OR's Unrestrained follow up their 7" and split 7" with Rebarker with two emotionally soaked songs showing their love for such '90s bands as Threadbare and Harvest. 7" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Incendiary - Head In Check
2. Incendiary - Cold War
3. Unrestrained - 80k
4. Unrestrained - Deconstructing