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Unrestrained "Forward Onto Death"


PLEASE NOTE: Due to shipping, the LP covers of this release have corner dings, but the vinyl itself is indeed new and unplayed.

After a number of widespread 7"s, split 7"s and compilation tracks, Portland, OR, natives Unrestrained, who are made up of ex-members of The Physical Challenge, Backlash and The Dead Unknown, have crafted their debut full-length release containing eight songs that show a darker, heavier side while still maintaining the urgency of their earlier recordings. This is a more focused Unrestrained, taking cues from some of the '90s metallic hardcore legends such as Strain, Threadbare and For The Love Of both musically and lyrically with topics discussing same-sex marriage, religious distrust and political corruption. For fans of For The Love Of, Harvest, Strain, Undertow and Threadbare. Limited edition of 525 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Ethel Mertz
2. Ophelia
3. We Speak Your Names
4. Anak Krakatua
5. Empty
6. Dry Oatmeal
7. Framework
8. Disdain