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United Mutation "Dark Self Image"


In 1982, United Mutation entered celebrated Washington, DC, punk recording studio Inner Ear to lay down two sessions, the first with their original lineup of the Fox brothers, vocalist John "Monk" Harding, and drummer Sean Sumner, followed by a second session for the Outside Records compilation "Mixed Nuts Don't Crack," featuring new vocalist and former Dark Self Image drummer, Mike Brown. 1983 saw the band return to Inner Ear to record their debut 7" EP, "Fugitive Family," a split release between Dischord Records and the band's newly minted D.S.I. label. This LP compiles all of the aforementioned recordings - 26 tracks total, six of which are previously unreleased - all faithfully restored from the original master tapes at Inner Ear for maximum aural freak out. LP includes a 24-page booklet.

Track Listing:

1. You Send Me
2. Wake Up
3. Tear Down The Party
4. Happy Daze
5. So Morose
6. D.C. Screws
7. Fugitive Family/Plain Truth
8. Final Solution
9. Passout
10. It's Over
11. White Amerika
12. I Know A Place
13. Own Way
14. Lice And Flies...
15. White Boy
16. Combat Boots
17. D.C. Screws The World
18. Oh-No
19. United Mutation
20. Out Of Hand
21. Lice & Fleas & Vermin
22. Your Own Way
23. Rock 'N' Roll Party
24. TV Preachers & Demons
25. Final Solution
26. Sons Of Sunoco