625 Thrash Core


Under Attack "s/t"


Following up a slew of recent releases on Iron Lung Records, Mutant Sounds, Three One G, etc., Richmond, VA's Under Attack further refines their style and delivers seven songs of pure, straight-forward, no-bullshit hardcore punk. Collectively, the band consists of members with decades of history - including Eucharist, Hail Mary, Municipal Waste, Black Army Jacket, and Suppression, among many others - which they draw upon and distill to make a pure and essential hardcore record. One of the best to be doing it these days.

Track Listing:

1. Mercy Killing
2. Don't Mourn
3. I Rise, You Burn
4. Bible Puncher
5. Rest In Piss
6. Autonomy Is A Memory
7. Hope Is Shit