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Tuning "Hanging Thread"

Tuning, armed with a powerful punk and hardcore sound, present subject matter on what it means to be human. Though there are callbacks and influences from classic hardcore punk bands such as Verbal Assault, Endpoint, Split Lip, Majority Of One, Dag Nasty, Comeback Kid, and The Suppression Swing heard in their songs, a current/modern element is present as well. Tuning's members have also previously played in a number of bands such as Dead Hearts, Halfmast, Modern Problems, Until Your Heart Stops, First To Leave, Dying For It, and Spirits. LP includes digital download. Imported from Germany. Limited edition of 100 copies on yellow vinyl, exclusive to Rev.

Track Listing:

1. Kara Thrace
2. Hanging Thread
3. Hospice Care
4. Murphy It's You
5. Man Of Science, Man Of Faith
6. Hawkeye Pierce
7. The Human Condition
8. Richard Harrow
9. Farewell, Big Brother