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Truth Inside "Keeping It Alive"

This is a complete discography of everything Truth Inside ever recorded. Each track has been fully remastered by the legendary Carl Saff (Mindset and others). The artwork was designed by Ev from React! Records so it has an extremely crucial look. Truth Inside was a straight edge band from Florida playing a youth crew style of hardcore influenced by bands like Gorilla Biscuits, In My Eyes and Youth Of Today.

Track Listing:

1. Keeping It Alive
2. Goals And Dreams
3. Truth Inside
4. Let's Get Right
5. True Talk
6. Perspective
7. Abusive Ways
8. Best Times
9. Unity
10. Abstain
11. Skate Dawgs
12. Try Harder
13. Hospitality
14. Intro
15. Forward Thinking
16. Rhodes
17. Reach Out
18. Age
19. Take The Risk
20. True Till Death