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True Love (MI) "Heaven's Too Good For Us"


True Love (MI) takes diverse inspiration from classic, late-'80s youth crew and early 2000s hardcore, turning it into an intense whirlwind on their full-length debut, "Heaven's Too Good For Us." A blistering, cutthroat 16 minutes of cathartic exploration, straight-edge fury, and relentless energy featuring guest spots from members of the current hardcore elite (Turnstile, Freedom, Forced Order), "Heaven's Too Good For Us" is a uniquely excellent entry that propels the band into that very class. For fans of American Nightmare, Youth Of Today, Carry On, and Right Brigade. Now available on cassette.

Track Listing:

1. Piece For A Piece
2. Your Side
3. Out In The Streets Pt. I
4. Kill For That
5. Midnight People
6. Young To Die
7. Where It Ends
8. Chained Melody
9. The One And Only
10. Out In The Streets Pt. III
11. Meant To Take
12. Enouement
13. Stay True