Prank Records


Totalitar "Ni Maste Bort!"


A frenzied wall of guitar-driven thrash with guttural shouts and pulverizing drums, Totalitar's sound was cut from the influence of classic D-beat and Swedish hardcore, but with time has become one of the genre's cornerstones. "Ni Maste Bort!" was originally released on Sweden's Finn Records in the mid-1990s, and first reissued by Prank in the early 2000s. The re-imagined cover art by John Yates at Stealworks (Allied Records, Punchline Magazine) has been augmented with metallic-ink printing on a Stoughton, tip-on sleeve.

Track Listing:

1. Leva Pa Kna
2. Avslagen
3. Makten Till Ytan
4. Beslojade Man
5. Kvinna I Forsamlingen
6. Ni Maste Bort
7. Bar Ditt Kors
8. Att Doda Sig Sjalv
9. Harskare I Varlden
10. Flytande Varderingar
11. En Inre Storm
12. Instiftad Orattvisa
13. Likriktad Olycka
14. Mediet Som Vapen
15. Full Flagg
16. Acklets Bastiljon
17. Trygghet For De Rika
18. Frihet Att Valja
19. Massans Makt