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Tomb Mold "The Enduring Spirit"


After releasing three albums in three years and then spending the next four in the wilderness, Tomb Mold has been reborn on fourth album "The Enduring Spirit," a thoroughly unabashed step into vast new territories. Yet for all its frenetic daring and audacious exploration, it is never anything other than unmistakably Tomb Mold. With four years away, a band with boundless creative energy, as Tomb Mold are, was certain to expand the scope of their vision, and, on "The Enduring Spirit," they've shaped a record with a cinematic environment that offers unlimited avenues of exploration, both for themselves and the listener. LP includes a 36" x 24" poster.

Track Listing:

1. The Perfect Memory (Phantasm Of Aura)
2. Angelic Fabrications
3. Will Of Whispers
4. Fate's Tangled Thread
5. Flesh As Armour
6. Servants Of Possibility
7. The Enduring Spirit Of Calamity