Hellcat Records


Tiger Army "II: Power Of Moonlite"

The sophomore album from these energetic and classic-sounding punk rock terrors sparks the scene with thirteen new tracks of octane-pumped and combustion-ready psychobilly fire. Features former members of AFI and SAMHAIN, as well as guest rockage from RANCID's MATT FREEMAN and LARS FREDERIKSEN, and AFI's DAVEY HAVOK.

Track Listing:

1. Prelude: Call Of The Ghost Tigers
2. Towards Destiny
3. Incorporeal
4. Power Of Moonlite
5. When Night Comes Down
6. Grey Dawn Breaking
7. Cupid's Victim
8. Valley Of Dreams
9. Annabel Lee
10. In The Orchard
11. Under Saturn's Shadow
12. F.T.W.
13. Remembered Forever