Sacred Bones Records


Thou "A Primer Of Holy Words"


All of the songs on "A Primer Of Holy Words" appeared on limited pressings of various split EPs and benefit compilations. The range of bands being covered is wide: Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains from abandoned tribute projects, Born Against from a small press, European compilation, Ginger Quail: an obscure, New Orleans punk band from the late '90s, and so on. This collection includes artwork from former New Orleans - now Mexico City - artist Rachel Speck, from her Tropical Gothim print. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Introduction
2. Prayer To God
3. Spin The Black Circle
4. No Excuses
5. Fourth Of July
6. Maps
7. Well Fed Fuck
8. Screaming At A Wall
9. Anarchy's Stupid
10. Tremor Christ
11. Paroled In '54
12. Don't Let It Bring You Down