Dark Operative


This Will Destroy You "New Others: Part One"


"New Others: Part One" is the fifth studio album from This Will Destroy You. It was produced, engineered, and mixed by John Congleton, the man responsible for the sound of the band's wildly popular self-titled sophomore album of 10 years ago. Now comprised of core members Jeremy Galindo and Christopher King with the addition of drummer Robi Gonzalez, "New Others: Part One" captures the band in a familiar, but evolved ethos wherein the memorable melodic component present in their early work once again soars atop new sonic territories for the band and listener alike. This is the red vinyl version, exclusive to Rev.

Track Listing:

1. Melted Jubilee
2. To Win Somebody's Got To Lose
3. Syncage
4. Allegiance
5. Weeping Window
6. Like This
7. Go Away Closer