Trustkill Records


This Is Hell "Misfortunes"

After touring relentlessly in support of "Sundowning," Long Island's This Is Hell is releasing their sophomore album, "Misfortunes." Trustkill Records have made a small glimpse into this album possible with the November 2007 7" release of "Cripplers," featuring the new song "Infected." This Is Hell has toured with such heavy hitters as Bane, Strike Anywhere, Modern Life Is War, Bayside, Comeback Kid, and Ignite, and they were selected to open for Glassjaw on several east coast dates of their reunion tour.

Track Listing:

1. Reckless
2. Infected
3. Disciples
4. In Shambles
5. Realization: Remorse
6. Without Closure
7. Remnants
8. Resuscitate
9. Fearless Vampires
10. You Are The Antithesis
11. End Of An Era
12. Memoirs
13. Last Days Campaign
14. Show You No Mercy (LP only bonus track)