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The Weirdos "Weird World Volume One: 1977-1981"


It's rather ironic that while Los Angeles, CA, was the capitol of the American recording industry in the mid-late '70s, most of the seminal bands of the original New York punk rock scene (the Ramones, Television, Patti Smith, Talking Heads) were able to score major-label contracts, but nearly all of their West Coast contemporaries were ignored, having to rely on fledgling independent labels like Dangerhouse or What? if they wanted to be heard on plastic. Fortunately, The Weirdos did manage to release a handful of singles and EPs during their 1977-1981 heyday, as well as demoing plenty of material that never saw release, and ""Weird World Volume One: 1977-1981" collects 14 superb cuts that set the record straight - The Weirdos were, quite simply, one of the best and brightest American bands of punk's first wave. "Weird World Volume One: 1877-1981" is hardly the final word on this great band, but if you want concrete proof that The Weirdos were the great unsung heroes of L.A. punk, you could hardly do better. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Weird World (demo)
2. Arms Race (demo)
3. Pagan (demo)
4. Helium Bar
5. Rhythm Syndrome (demo)
6. Fallout (demo)
7. Fort U.S.A.
8. Happy People
9. Message From The Underworld
10. Teenage (demo)
11. I'm Not Like You (demo)
12. We Got The Neutron Bomb
13. Solitary Confinement
14. Life Of Crime