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The Varukers "One Struggle One Fight"

This LP went in and out of print quickly in 1985 shortly before the Varukers' first breakup. Unlike the band's earlier UK82 style, this record captures Varukers taking on some of the metal influence that was sweeping UK hardcore at the time. Powerful and energetic hardcore with metallic undertones, this record is more in line with Antisystem, Antisect, or Sacrilege than say Partisans or Abrasive Wheels. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Persistant Resistance
2. We Hint At Things Nuclear
3. In South Africa
4. The Fear Of Mankind
5. Will They Never Learn (live)
6. Killed By Mans Own Hand
7. Animals An Animal
8. Protect Not Disect
9. How Can Your Conscience Allow This To Go On
10. Stop The Killing
11. Enter Of A New Phase (live)
12. A Lesson We Must Never Forget
13. One Struggle One Fight