Bridge Nine Records


The Trouble "Nobody Laughs Anymore"

THE TROUBLE are trouble, indeed. Tearing apart the Boston punk and hardcore scene from 1995 to 99, THE TROUBLE paved the way for Boston hardcore cornerstones AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, PANIC, and many more. Nobody Laughs Anymore is THE TROUBLE's first LP, first released on GMM records and long since out-ofprint. But the people have spoken. This record needs to be heard. It is a perfect blend of sweaty punk anthems and in-your-face hardcore, with lyrics telling the tales of disenfranchised Boston youth growing up in a world that doesn't understand them. Although it's 2005, THE TROUBLE's impact can be felt throughout the Boston scene, in the sound of today's band as well as the members themselves. Singer Gibby fronted Boston hardcore outfit PANIC for two years, whom Bridge Nine actually released two EPs for. This re-release preceeds an "odds and ends" compilation of sorts, entitled 95-99, that Bridge Nine will be releasing for THE TROUBLE this fall.

Track Listing:

1. We Are The Blood
2. Shadows On The Street
3. Burned Up, Washed Out
4. This One's For You
5. You Make Me Sick
6. Teenage Terror
7. Come To Grips
8. Grasping At Straws
9. No Regrets
10. Dead And Gone
11. End Of My Rope
12. Saturdays Kids
13. Reckless
14. Youth Is Wasted By The Young
15. Insight