Mankind Records


The Missing 23rd "The Powers That Be"


Hardcore and punk reunite on the full-length debut from The Missing 23rd. "The Powers That Be" is 14 anthemic songs in the vein of Ill Repute, Minor Threat and Wasted Youth. Features John Crerar of The Fucking Wrath and Stop Breathing on vocals. These are the remaining copies from the first pressing from 1999 and are only available for a limited time.

Track Listing:

1. Abused
2. Control Your Life
3. Born Into
4. Struggle
5. Knuckleheadism
6. 21
7. Hate
8. Grim Future
9. Forcevertise
10. Open Blindness
11. Power And Money
12. Bring It On Down
13. Create Resistance
14. From Within