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The Guts "Songs Of Freedom"

Following the lead of New England greats like The Queers and The Leftovers come The Guts from Portsmouth, NH. "Songs Of Freedom," The Guts long-awaited 14-song album, was recorded at Sonic Iguana Studios by Philip Hill, produced by Dave Parasite and mastered by Mass Giorgini. The tunes on "Songs Of Freedom" cover a lot of ground within the pop punk genre and beyond, and combine melody, aggression and a sense of urgency in a way that every pop punk band aims for but so few nail.

Track Listing:

1. Get It Right
2. Loser
3. When You Kissed Me
4. Thinkin' It Over
5. I Ignore
6. Still Thinkin' About You
7. Rumors
8. You Better Beware
9. Useless Fuck
10. Katie Is A Chainsmoker
11. The Birds And The Bees
12. Call Me
13. Mary Jane
14. Songs Of Freedom