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The Get Up Kids "Four Minute Mile"

In 1997, The Get Up Kids released the album that catapulted them to indie stardom, known as "Four Minute Mile." The 12-song album combined with constant touring broke the band into a whole new level. "Four Minute Mile" is the album that put the Kansas City, MO band on the map as everyone's favorite emo-pop rockers. With catchy lyrics, unique and powerful pop/rock composition, and an overall sense of energy, The Get Up Kids quickly won over fans nation wide. Now available again on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Coming Clean
2. Don't Hate Me
3. Fall Semester
4. Stay Gold, Ponyboy
5. Lowercase West Thomas
6. Washington Square Park
7. Last Place You Look
8. Better Half
9. No Love
10. Shorty
11. Michelle With One "L"