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The Generators / Crashed Out "Blood, Sweat & Glory (Split)"

The Generators from the US and Crashed Out from the UK have been plying their trade in punk rock for a combined total of 40 years, as both have their roots dating back as far as the mid-'90s. This split features each band providing four tracks of melodic street punk influenced by Cock Sparrer and similar to contemporaries like Street Dogs and early Dropkick Murphys.

Track Listing:

1. The Generators - Throw Away The Key
2. The Generators - Killing Time
3. The Generators - So Sick Of This
4. The Generators - Goodbye California
5. Crashed Out - Falling Down
6. Crashed Out - Tyne & Wear
7. Crashed Out - Here To Stay
8. Crashed Out - 20 Years Strong