Rivalry Records


The First Step "What We Know"


The urgency and intensity of Youth Of Today, the positive delivery of Insted, and a strongly rooted foundation in old DC and Orange County hardcore - The First Step's first official full-length, "What We Know," picks up where they left off on the "Open Hearts And Clear Minds" EP, meanwhile adding some new flavor along the way. Produced by Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today, Quicksand, Rival Schools), the album explodes with speed and a blistering vocal delivery, delivering much of what we've come to expect from The First Step.

Track Listing:

1. Time To Understand
2. Get Wise
3. Peace
4. No Way To Live
5. Learning
6. What We Know
7. Pursuit Of Happiness
8. As It Is
9. Face The Pain
10. Take Control
11. No Good Reason
12. A New Reality