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The Ducky Boys "Dead End Streets"

"Dead End Streets" picks up where they left off on 2012's "Chasing The Ghost" and moves in a few new directions. By the time you get to the sixth track you'll be wondering how the band has moved this far. Vocalist Douglas Sullivan and Mark Lind go back and forth and keep the energy moving throughout.

Track Listing:

1. You Don't Wanna Know Me
2. Enough Of My Time
3. Nothin' About You
4. Disappear
5. Live Forever
6. The Time We're Given
7. I Was Intoxicated
8. Dead End Streets
9. Kick
10. The Gravest Generation
11. The Advantage
12. In The Scars
13. Damaged Goods
14. Up, Down & Wrong
15. 'Til The Wheels Fall Off