TKO Records


The Templars "Omne Datum Optimum"


From their self-released 1993 demo tape through to the present day, The Templars have repeatedly established and re-established the high-water mark for American oi for three decades running, and 1998's "Omne Datum Optimum" is a landmark record in the band's genre-defining discography. Originally released in 1998 on Anti-Heros' frontman Mark Noah's GMM Records, The Templars somewhat controversially eschewed their signature home recording set up in favor of a professional studio on "Omne Datum Optimum." Sporting reworked cover art and their tried and true attention to detail, TKO Records is proud to bring "Omne Datum Optimum" to vinyl for the first time since its initial 1998 release.

Track Listing:

1. You Decide
2. Boredom
3. Guardian Angel
4. Ossorio
5. The Templars (Acre remix)
6. The Waiting Is Over (Acre remix)
7. They Don't Care
8. Coward
9. Straight To Hell
10. These Four Walls
11. Victim (Acre remix)
12. My Saving Grace