Pirates Press Records


The Slackers "Wasted Days"


Pirates Press Records is happy to announce the long-overdue reissue of one of The Slackers most acclaimed albums, "Wasted Days." Their fourth studio double album, originally released in 2000, hasn't been available since 2013 and is an essential component to any Slackers collection. It showcases The Slackers' innovative incorporation of diverse influences to create a sound that is truly their own - from ska, reggae, rocksteady, and dub, to soul, R&B, calypso, jazz, and rock 'n' roll.

Track Listing:

1. Henderson Swamp
2. Please Decide
3. This Is The Night
4. Pets Of The World
5. Daves Friend
6. The Nurse
7. Olds Days
8. Midnight Rendezvous
9. Tales Of The Mongoose
10. Easy
11. Wanted Dead Or Alive
12. Don't Break My Heart
13. Fifteen
14. Information Error
15. Wasted Dub
16. Walking On
17. Tales Of The Rugaroo
18. Old Days (Bingi Version)
19. Remember When
20. A Fifth Of Slack