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The Slackers "The Question"


Originally released in 1998, "The Question" marked the third full-length in three years for the band, and the immediate follow-up to their breakthrough album "Redlight" from the previous year. Selections from this record including "Have The Time," "Keep Him Away," and "Face In My Crowd" became staples in the band's live set and fan-favorites, with "Have The Time" still often receiving honored placement as a set-closer or encore nearly 25 years later. Unavailable to retail for the last 15 years, Pirates Press Records is thrilled to re-present "The Question" for it's 25th anniversary, an album whose place among The Slackers' early, classic albums is truly without question.

Track Listing:

1. Manuel
2. Knowing
3. Have The Time
4. And I Wonder?
5. No More Crying
6. Feed My Girl
7. Moutainside
8. The Mummy
9. Motor City
10. Power
11. Keep Him Away
12. The Question
13. The Question (alternate version)
14. Face In My Crowd
15. Do You Know
16. Yes It's True
17. Alone Again
18. Make Me Smile
19. No Love