Pirates Press Records


The Slackers "Self Medication"


For over 30 years, The Slackers have remained one of the most prolific musical combos in the game. Originally released in 2008, Pirates Press Records is thrilled to put "Self Medication" back in print to be discovered or re-discovered by their countless fans worldwide. This definitive, remastered version of the full-length also features a bonus 7” with four additional songs from these productive and experimental sessions, which have only seen previous releases as digital rarities.

Track Listing:

1. Every Day Is Sunday
2. Don't You Want A Man
3. Don't Forget The Streets
4. Estranged
5. Stars
6. Leave Me
7. Eviction
8. Happy Song
9. Self Medication
10. Don't Have To
11. Walkin With Myself
12. Sing Your Song
13. See You In My Dreams (bonus track)
14. Lonely Nights (bonus track)
15. You Gotta Move (bonus track)
16. Rant (bonus track)