Pirates Press Records


The Restarts "Actively Seeking Work: 1996-1998"


At long last, the complete back catalog of influential UK political punks The Restarts will be widely available across the world, starting with their earliest recordings. "Actively Seeking Work: 1996-1998" collects the studio recordings of the band from their very inception. This collection has been out of print for over ten years after an initial, Europe-only pressing, and Pirates Press Records is thrilled to present its first worldwide release as the opening salvo of a four-LP, Restarts reissue campaign that will bring their full discography back in print with wide distribution for the first time.

Track Listing:

1. Delirium Tremens
2. Frustration
3. Fuck The Lottery
4. New Way
5. No Confidence
6. Disconnected
7. Just Gets Worse
8. Mind Yer Own Business
9. Dysfunction
10. Boozin
11. Gang Mentality
12. Hate You
13. Victimization
14. Contempt
15. Exterminate
16. State Rape
17. Divide And Rule
18. Fare Evasion
19. The Ladder
20. Drunken Voices
21. Tinpot Hitler
22. Parasite Monarchy
23. Times Hard