Havoc Records


The Pist "Is Risen"


Legendary, 1990s, East Coast, political hardcore punks return with a new full-length. Fueled by anger and outrage at the system, The Pist is back with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer blow. Hard-hitting punk tracks and simple, direct political lyrics.

Track Listing:

1. P.I.S.T.
2. Cross The Line
3. One Plus One
4. Perfect
5. The Ladder
6. Let It All Go
7. Fight Fire
8. Cognitive Dissonance
9. Pressure
10. Jim Martin
11. Authoritarian
12. Narcissist
13. No Fuckin' Way (For Every Transaction)
14. Risen
15. Corporate Takeover
16. Stop Today
17. Scapegoats
18. None Of Your Business
19. Best Friends