Third Man Records


The Pathetx "1981"

Third Man Records is proud to announce the first-ever release of The Pathetx - "1981." The formation of The Pathetx began in 1980 with singer Mark Leavitt and guitarist Greg Kutcher. The Pathetx took their inspiration from the West Coast punk scene that was happening at the time, bands like the Germs, Black Flag, and Dead Kennedys, as opposed to most of the other punk bands that were kicking around Detroit, MI, who were looking to The Stooges and MC5 to show them the way.

Track Listing:

1. Kmart Krowd
2. Gimme Nuclear War
3. Fat
4. Energetic
5. Alligator People
6. Hypocrite
7. I Hate Rockers
8. Piss On My Shoes
9. I'm Alone