Pirates Press Records


The Inciters "Bring Back The Weekend"


Pirates Press Records is thrilled to welcome Santa Cruz, CA's Northern soul outfit The Inciters to the Pirates family. This ten-piece combo of veteran players has been filling dance floors globally since the mid '90s, electrifying audiences across the spectrum of skins, rudies, punks, mods, and rockers alike. These recordings are by far the band's best work, capturing the energy and spontaneity of their live show - 11 tracks of upbeat, hard-partyin' soul stompers.

Track Listing:

1. Bring Back The Weekend
2. If I Didn't
3. Love Comes Around
4. Boot And Soul
5. Walking Away
6. Up In A Puff Of Smoke
7. We Gave It A Good Run
8. Only Time Will Tell
9. Waiting By The Phone
10. Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)
11. Always, Sometimes, Never