Third Man Records


The Exploding Hearts "Guitar Romantic: Expanded & Remastered"


In the 20 years since its release - and the subsequent tragic deaths of three of the four band members in a van accident later that same year - "Guitar Romantic" has outgrown its onetime cult status to become an immortal touchstone of the genre. Adored the world over for its vivid depictions of young love and reckless abandon alongside its effervescent combination of influences like the Buzzcocks, The Undertones, Nick Lowe, and more, "Guitar Romantic" is an undeniable statement from a band gone entirely too soon. The expanded and remastered reissue brings a welcome dose of new life to an album all-too-often associated with death, and with it, plenty of old favorites and unheard gems for fans to rejoice about.

Track Listing:

1. Modern Kicks
2. Im A Pretender
3. Thorns In Roses
4. Youre Black And Blue
5. Sleeping Aides And Razorblades
6. Rumours In Town
7. Throwaway Style
8. Boulevard Trash
9. Jailbird
10. Still Crazy
11. Busy Signals (bonus track)
12. I'm A Pretender (King Louie mix) (bonus track)
13. So Bored (bonus track)