Beer City Records


The Boneless Ones "Skate For The Devil: Millennium Edition"

Beer City Records is proud to bring back another skate rock/thrash metal/crossover classic. The Boneless Ones "Skate For The Devil," on vinyl for the first time since its initial press in 1986. Not only has this album been completely restored and remastered, it contains liner notes from the band and contains two bonus tracks; the classic "Keg Kept A Flowin'" from their appearance on Thrasher's "Skate Rock Volume 3 - Wild Riders Of Boards" and "Love To Hate," which have both also been restored and remastered for enhanced audio brilliance.

Track Listing:

1. Give It To You
2. Jason
3. Rock And Roll Slob
4. On My Mind
5. Skate For The Devil
6. I'm A Skater
7. Pipeline
8. We Believe In You
9. Miss Fresno
10. Murder
11. The Happy Song
12. Keg Kept A Flowin' (bonus track)
13. Love To Hate (bonus track)